1. Great success for OMP novelties in Birmingham

    Great satisfaction for OMP after the Autosport International Engineering show, which ended yesterday. The Italian company, based near Genova, showcased the most important novelties from its 2019 catalogue in a stand expecially designed by StandArt. Among the new products, all meeting the interest of the thousands of visitors, was the new edition of the One Art racing suit, the first suit ever t...

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  2. One Art: the first suit of a new era

    The new edition of the OMP One Art racing suit is the very first suit in the world to get the FIA 8856-2018 homologation, as certified by the FIA (Féderation Internationale de l’Automobile). This makes the One Art the first suit in the world in compliance with the new regulation established by the Federation. One Art is the first suit in the world that meets the requirements of the...

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  3. Fire extinguishers service: the guide

    Fire extinguishers service: the guide

    Service is crucial for a fire extinguishing system. It’s the only way to check its full functionality and to be sure it will work in the unfortunate eventuality it has to be used. The maintenance of an OMP racing car fire extinguisher has a small and simple set of rules to follow in order to keep it operative and, at the same time, to prevent sanctions from race officials.Basically, the ...

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  4. How underwear saves lives

    How underwear saves lives

    Safety from fire is often related to homologated suits, but maybe not enough attention has been devoted to the work of underwear in the task of saving drivers’ lifes.   Long johns and top are fundamental. They are, in fact, an integral part of the suit. Fire tests such as the ones executed with Dupont ThermoManTM testify that: the suit’s layers retard the transmission of he...

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  5. Why rollbar protections are vital

    Why rollbar protections are vital

    It’s fundamental to remind that the goal of an FIA homologated rollbar protection device is to protect the driver from the impact against the rollbar in case of crash: that’s why the device is made of a high energy absorption material. Without such absorption properties, the impact against the cage would be extremely dangerous; even more so, there’s no question that the inst...

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