Dry System® - Utility Model



New breathable material inserts are strategically located on back and lumbar area for maximum cooling in hot conditions.

Very often drivers incur situations in wich the regulation of body temperature is compromised and the risk of hyperthermia is very high.

The increase in body temperature increases the feeling of fatigue, dramatically reduces performance and potentially can lead to circumstances wich increase the risk of accidents.

Body areas subject to a greater perspiration are: underarm, brachial, back, lumbar, front tibial and popliteal areas.

 The OMP ONE line breathable suits and underwear facilitate the body termoregulation, thanks to the innovative weave of the inserts, strategically positioned, that allow for high breathability whilst still maintaining their own fire-retardant properties (according to the FIA standard 8856-2000).

The technical clothing with DRY SYSTEM technology is characterized by the presence of the logo in the catalog dry-system-logo



Dyneema® - The world strongest fiber™


cintura-dyneemaWhen you need extreme performances, you need extreme fibers. Dyneema fibers are as extreme as you can go when strength and weight both make a difference.

Dyneema® offers incredible strenght and toughness coupled with an amazingly low density and very good durability to exposure to light and weathering agents.

OMP first use of Dyneema fiber have been seatbelts for F1. This is only one of the many possible applications with Dyneema to save weight and enhance performance in motor racing.

Dyneema's belts technology is characterized by the presence of the logo in the catalog logo-dyneema

For more info, please visit  Dyneema® site.




OMP - Cool Shirt System®



For integration of the revolutionary Dry System, OMP has developed together with the Cool Shirt System, the first garment underwear with FIA 8856-2000 approved refrigeration system, the OMP Cool Shirt.

Thanks to the integrated connectors, the mesh can be connected to different kits refrigeration, according to the needs of the driver:

The kit BAG SYSTEM (ID/793), the lightest, to the races of short duration (1/2h - 1h) the kit CLUB sYSTEM (ID/794), perfect for all the races, the average duration of 6h, and the kit COOL SHIRT aIR PRO (ID/795), the most comprehensive, offering even a refrigeration system in air helmet.


Cool Shirt system is characterized by the presence of the logo in the catalog coolshirt