OMP safety belts, the most chosen in F1

The 2016 Formula One season has begun with an important indication about what security devices the teams prefer. This yearsOMP Dyneema safety belts are now the major choice in the Circus.


Another big achievement for the peculiarly black and white coloured belts, launched by the Italian company in 2012, and a confirmation of the extremely innovative characteristics of the product.


This device is the result of the cooperation between OMP and Dyneema, the Dutch corporation patent owner of the synthetic fiber of the same name. As Dyneema is used in several fields (e.g. it’s  the fabric the NYPD bullet-proof vests are made of, and it enforces mooring and towing cables for the offshore platforms of a major worldwide oil company), OMP is the exclusive licensee for its application in motorsports.


Throughout Dyneema fiber’s lightness and strenght, and thanks to the use of a patented solution that reduces the weight, these safety belts are 40% lighter than the normal polyester ones, but at the same time the strenght is 15% increased.