Watkins Glen fire/rescue team's sympathy after Genoa bridge collapse

A moving letter was received by OMP with the morning mail, today August 24.

It's been sent by 
Watkins Glen International Fire/Rescue team's volunteers, and it's a warm note of sympathy for the tragedy that struck our town, Genoa, as the major city bridge collapsed on August 14.
Here's the text, written by team chief Russ Kimes, that we'd like to share with you:
"To the OMP Racing family,

I wanted to take a moment and pass on my (and our) sincerest condolences and sadness with the tragedy that has stuck the city of Genoa - and let you know that the Fire/Rescue team at the Watkins Glen International has you in our thoughts and prayers.

Your company's kindness in helping our all-volunteer team who pays for our protective equipment out of pocket has been greatly appreciated, and I wanted you all to know that you are in our thoughts through this difficult time."

OMP's managing director Paolo Delprato's answer:

"It’s hard to describe how I - like everybody here at OMP - was moved by your letter. The bridge tragedy still aches for all of us in Genoa, so your sympathy is warmly appreciated.

We know very well the passion and expertise that guides you and your volunteering team in keeping the drivers safe during races at the prestigious circuit of the Glen, and we are proud to support you in any possible way, because for both of us safety is the ultimate goal, and we fight on the same side.

Now, after your great attestation of sympathy, we are doubly happy to help such compassionate people as you."

A heart-warming surprise, no doubt. Thanks to all the team!