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Introducing the 2024 OMP racewear novelties

Combining greater protection, functionality and style. With this ambitious target in mind, OMP updated its racewear range for 2024 with important novelties in the ONE, First and Sport lines, to meet the maximum performance requirements of drivers competing at international level, as well as amateurs looking for products with an ideal quality-price ratio, and still homologated in accordance with the FIA 8856-2018 standard.

We start with the premier line ONE, with novelties regarding gloves and shoes. After Romain Grosjean’s accident at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, the International Automobile Federation changed the regulations on fireproof gloves, with stricter requirements to be met. OMP has thus evolved the ONE Evo FX models, designed mainly for single-seaters, and ONE EVO X, as Matteo Repetto, the brand’s Research and Development Director, tells us in detail.

“In the One Evo FX, we used our best performing materials in terms of safety and breathability on the back. On the palm it will also have a silicone coating that not only provides a great grip, but also ensures the right feeling”, Repetto says. “The One Evo X glove has a different silicone coating. It is a mix of silicone print and flat print that provides excellent grip as well as driver comfort while driving, especially for long stints”.

As for the shoes, the One Evo FX in the 2024 version is designed to be the ultimate shoe in terms of lightness, comfort and responsiveness. “That is why it has an all-fabric upper, a new ultra-thin slab sole, and a midsole made exclusively of the lightest materials”, Matteo explains. “On the other hand, the One Evo X shoe is with a kangaroo leather structure to have maximum softness, a new sole completely revised in materials and composition to ensure grip in all conditions and on any surface, but without sacrificing the sensitivity on the pedals, a fundamental feature for every driver”.

The very successful First range has been further improved. In the suits, OMP engineers revised the pocket graphics and updated the color range. The color range of the First shoes has been updated too. “In addition, the gloves have completely restyled, making them more consistent with the other products in the range”, Repetto adds.

From this year, the Sport products are the fourth collection in the OMP range. Suits and shoes have been revised in design and some color combinations have been added, but it is in the gloves where the OMP R&D department made the most in-depth work. “We completely revised the design of the back to make it consistent with the other products. The palm has also been newly-designed and most specifically the silicone coating has been updated to optimize and increase as much as possible the grip”, Repetto concluded.

You can download the OMP 2024 racewear catalog by clicking here

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