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The range of OMP underwear has been updated and improved.

You can try 3 different lines of products (including balaclava, top, long johns, socks): ONE, TECNICA, FIRST.

The One Range retains the DRY System Technology but powered through the use of the Cooling Spray Effect (PC02003). Maximum cooling and breathability are important features that makes appreciated the entire range of one underwear. The One line is studied to use with our racing suits through the dry system integration.

The Tecnica Line includes professional underwear (top, long johns, balaclava) made with fire retardant fabrics and high breathability inserts. Fia homologated.

The First Line includes FIA homologated viscose/aramid underwear.

We offer also a range of kart underwear, advised for outdoor winter races; maximum comfort and freedom of movements.