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The OMP suits are established for their attention to detail, the choice of innovative materials and modern design. The wide range also allows both professionals and amateurs, while maintaining the quality of thirty years’ experience in the production of suits for the best drivers in the world.

OMP uses the best technical fabrics and the result is light, comfortable, protecting racing and karting suits. The ONE line features many novelties such as ONE ART, the completely printable fire retardant suit, or the ONE S-1, that sums up the innovations brought by the best historical partners of OMP such as Senna and Schumacher.

Inner pockets, floating sleeves for the maximum freedom of movements, inner layers wich draws moisture from the wearers body keeping them cool are only a small part of improvements and innovations introduced on the OMP overalls following experience and advices from the drivers.

One of this innovation is the Strech Dry System (One Art, One S-1), the combination of the elasticity of 3D materials with the breathability of the OMP Dry System. More comfort, less heat.

Another important goal is our proprietary technology OMP Print Art. With this technology, you can customize your suit model (One Art) through the use of images, photos and color blendings. The limit is only your imagination!

All the racing suits are FIA Homologated, and the number of homologation is shown on the new FIA Logo can you can try on the product page.

The collection of suits is completed by our vintage suitskarting suits and mechanic overalls: resistant and comfortable materials, fresh design and attention to details.