Presented the 2014 Rally season of BRC GAS Equipement!!

Friday, March 7 was officially presented the 2014 Rally Season for BRC Sports  gas equipment!!

The driver who will participate in the 2014 Italian Rally Championship is Giandomenico Basso, the famous Italian rally driver, of great reputation!!

BRC is ready to demonstrate to the public the level of reliability achieved by its products and to show that a car with a gas-powered "systems BRC" can compete with a car powered by gasoline!!

The debut will be March 16 at the Rally del Ciocco, the first stage of the CIR 2014.

The driver Giandomenico Basso and his co-driver dress the special suit ONE –S customized BRC, combined with the underwear ONE, to optimize comfort and performance and the special shoes & gloves of the line ONE-S!!

The Ford Fiesta R5 is equipped with Dyneema® seat belt DA0027HSL & OMP steering wheel, discover on the video BRC!