Racing Tee


Racing Tee

L’automobilismo può essere tante cose, ma per noi è colore! Quando si va in pista, o a un rally, tutto (dal casco alla livrea delle auto, e tutto quanto il resto) è un’esplosione di colori. OMP è in pista in tutto il mondo dal 1973, e ha visto tutto in qualsiasi forma e in qualsiasi tinta. Questa t-shirt è l’essenza del viaggio, che oggi è arrivato alla sua 45esima stagione.



100% high quality Cotton
Custom US Slim Fit cut
Jersey Construction creates a lightweight breathable shirt with a very soft touch
Heritage Twill tags on neck, left arm and bottom
Crew Neck
Red Neck Tape
Red contrasting stitching on back collar and bottom
Machine Washable

What is Racing Spirit?

Win or lose tomorrow is another day and we will start over again. It’s not how many times we fall, it’s about how many times we stand up: this is what we do everyday, it’s in our blood. The only goal is winning, second place is 1rst place loser. At all times we’re ready to solve problems, we’re for teamwork, we love competition and we’re born to race. We push ourselves for milliseconds, to save fuel or weight… we engineer, design, manufacture, tweek, test, tweek some more, test again, race and push ourselves to the limit. Great is not enough because tomorrow someone will be better than us, and we need to work harder to stay ahead of the curve.

The Racing Spirit is a never-ending quest to be the best on and off the track!

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