Three questions to Emerson Fittipaldi

A quick Q&A during the legend's visit to RFG Headquarter in Ronco Scrivia

The motorsport environment you won two world titles in was extremely risky, but safety has made great strides since then and now we see drivers walking out unharmed from terrific crashes. What’s your perception?
"I remember, ever since I was a rookie in F1, the Grand Prix Driver’s Association, in which Jackie Stewart was very active. Jackie has been working like crazy to increase the safety of cars, circuits and racing gear. Now I’m happy to see how this long work has brought to the extreme safety of all the motorsport environment, not only Formula One. Despite all this, we must never forget that this evolution has enormously reduced the risk of serious and fatal injuries, but it hasn’t eliminated it yet. Motorsport remains a highly dangerous activity".

Formula One has entered in a new phase, not only in technology but also in communication, marketing, broadcasting. What’s your opinion about that?
I have a very positive opinion. Liberty Media has great expertise in television and entertainment, and is now taking Formula One to a new dimension. You can tell it sitting in your living room as you watch races on TV, as well as from the stands of a Grand Prix. I really like the way they are working to conquer the American audience: Miami GP has been a huge success, just like Austin years before, and I’m sure it will be the same for Las Vegas. I have many American friends who would like to come to Monza (ed: where Emerson will celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first world title) and they are surprised finding out there are no more tickets available."

You have often declared that motorsport is your life, and you will be involved in races and cars forever. What are your current projects?
"I’m very happy to follow my son Emmo Jr, who really loves racing and is now competing in the Italian F4 Championship. On the other hand, I’ve been working for several years on the project of a new car, which I hope will be presented next year."