OMP Group Expands Through the Acquisition of Zeronoise ltd.

Genoa (Italy), January 7, 2020 - OMP announces the acquisition of Zeronoise ltd., a British-Italian company that designs, develops and manufactures electronic devices for the racing industry.



The acquisition, following the one of Bell Racing Helmets Group last month, expands OMP Group and adds remarkable value.


Zeronoise™, is an upcoming and dynamic company that brought innovation in the Industry. The unique design and high performance range of communication products, such as intercoms, are used by professional drivers and co-drivers in top rally and rally-raid series.
Moreover, Zeronoise™, developed the first in-helmet camera (patent pending) for real-time TV broadcasting homologated by FIA: it’s the Driver’s Eye, which has just made its debut in Formula E and will be used for in the next few seasons by the drivers of the top all-electric FIA championship.


As part of the operation, OMP Group will now have two new minority shareholders: Mr. Alexandros Haristos and Mr. Stephane Cohen.


Paolo Delprato, OMP Racing’s President and CEO: “Zeronoise is a state-of-the-art company, so I’m particularly proud to announce this acquisition. The operation comes briefly after the one of Bell Racing Helmets Group and represents a relevant addition to the group. Through this, OMP Group will be able to offer a complete and innovative range of products beginning in 2020 with a very bright future ahead of us”.


Alexandros Haristos, Zeronoise’s CEO: “I’m delighted to be part of the Group alongside world class brands such as OMP and BELL. Joining the leader of driver’s safety equipment is particularly meaningful for Zeronoise, as people are at the centre of our technology. The integration of electronic design in the Group sets the ground for an extraordinary innovation potential that is unprecedented in the industry.”