Why rollbar protections are vital

It’s fundamental to remind that the goal of an FIA homologated rollbar protection device is to protect the driver from the impact against the rollbar in case of crash: that’s why the device is made of a high energy absorption material. Without such absorption properties, the impact against the cage would be extremely dangerous; even more so, there’s no question that the installation of rollbar protections on racing cars is no less than vital.

Anyway, for the sake of completeness we clarify that such device must pass the FIA 8857-2001 homologation. In order to do this, among other tests the rollbar protection is submitted to a flame resistance test in compliance with ISO 15025 regulation (method “A”), where the centerline of the device is exposed to a horizontal flame at a height of 20mm above the lower edge.

OMP rollbar protections are in compliance of such FIA homologation, and this compliance is verified for each production batch.