By placing an order, the buyer accepts and unconditionally agrees with the conditions described in this document, and untertakes to follow them during the course of the business relationship with Racing Force, declaring to have read and accepted them.

The buyer also agrees that Racing Force don’t consider themselves bound to different conditions, except where agreed in writing in advance. The buyer accepts the terms of sale indicated below. In the event of any legal dispute, the Court of Genoa, Italy, is competent.

Racing Force reserves the right to modify the terms of sales anytime, also in view of possible regulatory changes. The new Terms Of Sale will be effective starting from the date of publication on OMP Racing official website (

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The price indicated are VAT excluded. The characteristics and technical data of the items presented in this catalogue are not binding and can be changed without notice. The products’ colors can also be considerably altered.


Racing Force is not responsible for delayed deliveries and will not pay for possible consequent damages. Returned goods will be accepted only when authorized by Racing Force, provided with regular goods return note, and carriage paid. Racing Force will charge all the costs
deriving from damages on the returned goods or missing parts. Defective or not functioning items that will be returned after having been purchased will be repaired in the necessary time and will not be substituted by new ones in any way. Orders made in writing (fax, mail, e-mail, etc.) will be considered automatically confirmed and will be forwarded in accordance with the normal procedure. The goods travel at the risk of the consignee, and any damage caused during the carriage will be charged to the consignee.


Before the use of any item, carefully read the labels and the user’s manual, and strictly follow the instructions. Improper use or mantainance can reduce the effectiveness of the item, provoke untimely wear and increase the risk of serious or lethal injuries in case of accident or fire. Improper use or mantainance void the guarantee and relieve Racing Force from any responsibility towards the user.