OMP is proud to announce the result of a development cooperation with top car manufacturer BMW Group: the OMP DA0038 safety belt, a new milestone in the world of touring cars setup which is used in the BMW M4s competing in the DTM, one of the most popular international touring car series.

This new harness is the result of a year-and-a-half of close development cooperation between the engineers and technicians of BMW Group and OMP, with the goal of raising the bar of safety belt quality in the series. The work kicked off at the end of 2015, involving the two companies’ personnel, and soon proved to be extremely successful, because of the big experience and professionality put in by both companies.

OMP’s technicians put to good use the know-how acquired in years of design and development of safety belts for Formula One, so that the attachments of DA0038 derive from that specific kind of product. Also, the new belt is ultra-light and ultra-resistant through the use of DyneemaTM fiber.

The DA0038 has already made its debut on the tracks of the DTM, and it’s going to be a constant presence on the BMW M4 DTM.